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DFB Video: Pixar Fest Must-Eats in Disneyland!

It’s the weekend! And we’re celebrating it with another DFB Video today, where we’re sharing the MUST-EAT items at Disneyland’s Pixar Fest!

Little Green Alien Caramel Apple

Little Green Alien Caramel Apple

Pixar Fest is running now through September 3rd, and there is a whole lotta fun and FOOD going on all over Disneyland Resort to celebrate! Now, you may be game to try each and every specialty food item at Pixar Fest (and if so, we’ve got a Pixar Fest Food Checklist to help you do that)!

But let’s say you’ve just got a day or two in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure this summer… well, in that case, you may need to narrow your list down to just the must-eat items. So here are some of the best of the best at Pixar Fest (with thanks to our great friend Heather Sievers @diningindisney) in our latest DFB YouTube Video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s on YOUR must-try list for Pixar Fest? 

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