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Tandoori Dhokla

ek dum desi Dhokla is a sound steamed rice or semolina cake, which can be eaten either plain or wind into roasted chomps, The Tandoori Place offer true Indian Food from the Tandoor Oven. ... (Non-Fried Snacks) Khaman ek dum desi Dhokla, a well known bite sold in each road of Gujarat,

ek dum desi Dhokla is a veggie lover nourishment thing that begins from the Indian territory of Gujarat. It is made with a matured hitter got from rice, An exceptionally adaptable and ek dum desi great Dhokla formula made in the microwave. Moment Micro Dhokla is made utilizing besan, sooji, water, lemon juice, sugar, ginger, green chillies, heating pop and salt.

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